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It’s been a long time coming….


It was all about Nikki and Kevin’s wedding for months. Everything was leading up to w-day. Even I, just the sister, was saying “After the wedding, I’ll do that.” Or “I’ll start saving, after the wedding.” And it was fun. The sister (who we will refer to as Mrs M) organised everything – she is just too darn good at organising. I, am not. But I was chief and SOLE bridesmaid so really I should have been organising some stuff but I’m better with ideas and crafty things. So, we came up with wee quirky ideas and had noggins full of vintage loveliness and quirky extras. But, this was well over a year ago, and vintage wasn’t quite IN yet, so putting together the wedding was a case of wanting, and sometimes not getting, everything the way the sister wanted… (BUT… our Be..Eventful heads were growing…).

So after a few months,  April 11th (a whisky day.. but thats another blog..) rolled up and the most perfect lovely w-day was upon us. And it was very much all about the details. White feathers (again.. another blog) & song lyrics & props & quotes & vintage things & gifts & oodles of unusual quirky things that made it what it was.. special. And that wee bit different. The song choices ~ Ernie K Doe – Here come the girls, the Rocky theme tune (yes, the sister strutted and cried her way down the aisle to this). The service itself.. Belinda the Humanist (you’ll hear more about her..), the lighting of the candles (you’ll understand more about that in a later blog-tale), Brian the Busker, me talking about dinosaurs that are lovely, many a tear (not a dry peeper in the room) and Mr M doing the bestest thing ever to be caught on camera… punching the air when he kissed the wife for the first time. Oh my, it was love love love. Then we moved onto the patio with some champers and coronas. Real sunny sunshine. And more shiny sunny shine. Photos were taken. Mingling was done. Great nephew (yes, GREAT nephew) Nathans kilt fell down. Wee Joe lifted his kilt up. Nikki flashed her red tights a few times. Then we were called for dinner…

Ah food. I do like to eat. So dinner is always a highlight for moi. It was YUM. Wee Ali ( a nephew) piped Mr and Mrs M in to dinner, we cried a bit more (I did anyway) and then Mr M slashed Mrs M with the cake knife. Ah it sounds bad. A wee laugh, gone wrong. Its now a big laugh. And a story I’ll let the sister tell you for herself! So we ate lush nosh, Big brother (in law, but whos counting) gave a speech, we cried some more, the nephews and nieces drank too many alcopops, I eyed up and grinned at Mr D, who was fairly new in our lives at this point, while he met and mingled with, for the first time, our hugely huge and fairly dysfunctional family, we took pictures, the sister mopped up her neck, and we all stuffed our merry wee faces. And then it was evening.

Evening was all glitter and whisky and props.

Since this isn’t my wedding to blog, I’ll leave some story-telling to the sister herself. But I will say this… Never has there been a more perfect W-Day. And never have I seen the sister and the Kevin looking more lovey with each other. And what the Kevin HAD been left in charge of was something he could NOT have done any better.. I even named this blog-shpeel after it… It’s been a long time coming ~ (GRAVITY by Embrace) the first dance song. It HAD been a long time coming and it was perfect perfect perfect! I might cry again so I’ll leave you all with a wee thing I wrote for the sister after the W-Day to sum it all up in my words…


On a morning full of hangovers & props & coffee &  hairdos & taxis & kilt-shirts & makeup & missing cake stands & surprises & presents & place names & keys & nice tears & spillages & phone calls & chaos……..

……..There was LOVE LOVE LOVE.

On an afternoon full of flowers & dresses & photos & running & corsets & feathers & buskers & tears & sailor jerrys  & hand holding & rocky & vows & laughing & speeches & music & sunshine & coronas & kilts & cupcakes & presents & red tights & naked bums & profiteroles & banter…..

…….There was LOVE LOVE LOVE.

On an evening full of dancing & drunkenness & glitter & music & whisky & pipes & tears & maracas & laughing & drums & stomping & photos & mingling & burgers & boogie-arse & props & dirty dresses & funny faces & banter & the killers…..

……..There was LOVE LOVE LOVE.

My words, to the lovely people.

Love Claire@Be… x


8 thoughts on “It’s been a long time coming….

  1. Love is all you need……………………..x x x x x x
    Love seeing my baking handy work in this blog 🙂
    Love Be..Eventful
    Miss Love x x x x (soon to be Mrs N!!!)

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