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'The Air Punch'

So  you have had a wee glimpse of my Wedding Day courtesy of the Sister.
(If you missed it, it’s here )

My wedding. I loved it. And so did everyone else.
It really was a long time coming.
Kevin and I made many wedding plans in the years running up to the actual wedding.
There was the time we were going to get married in Cancun.
Followed by the rumours that we had secretly got married on holiday in Florida.
Then there were the plans for a registry office bash with 6 people in attendance.
And then we picked a proper date.
But then my Dad died, and so did my ability to be able to get married without him there.
My dress had been bought, the venue had been booked and the perfect wedding would have happened in 2008, but it didn’t.
My dress got left in the bridal shop, the venue got cancelled, and the wedding plans got shelved.
The next 2 years were probably the hardest I have had to face in my life, not only did I no longer have my Dad, but we lost Kevin’s Dad too…. there were times infact where we almost lost each other but we didn’t, we survived.
We got back on track and on the 11th April 2010:

And it was perfect.
From the night before nearest and dearest gathering (also a lovely Ashton’s 18th) to the 5am the morning after whisky out of a bottle drinking sessions, it really was perfect.
Our wedding was always going to be tinged with sadness due to 2 of the most important people in our lives not being there, but I think we managed to turn into a celebration that the Old Yin’s would have been proud of.

Over the next wee while on ‘The Blog by Be….’, I will share with you bits & bobs & snippets & snaps from our wedding day.
Our budget wasn’t huge, our venue wasn’t spectacular and, due to reasons which won’t be mentioned, we don’t have official wedding photo’s.
But we do have a tale of a day which was us down to a T, that made people laugh & cry and a surprise evening performance from hairy men and I hope you will all enjoy hearing about it.  It’s where Be.. all Be…gan.

Love Nikki @ Be…. x


2 thoughts on “Where Be…Began

    • Joe and I loved your wedding and very happy to have been part of your special day. Yes we all missed Ruaraidh but He was there in spirit – He would never miss a party like that.

      Much Love,
      Jackie x c

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