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Going the Distance…. (a wee Be… post).

Would you consider walking down the aisle to a song from the Rocky soundtrack?

I did.
I deliberated for some time over my entrance song and, knowing I was walking down the aisle by myself, wanted a tune that wouldn’t make me cry hysterically.
I cried anyway though.
And I wasn’t by myself in the end as wee Boo had got the fear and missed her cue during ‘Here Come the Girls’.
She walked with me, dummy in mouth, dragging her sleepy blanket behind her.

Mr M is a Rocky fan and the title ‘Going the Distance’ seemed quite appropriate.

I made my grand entrance after an hour long intro.
Ok, it was only 90 seconds (1.31 to be exact) but it felt like an hour.
The build up was quite fantastic and I LOVED seeing my nearest and dearest half crying, half scoffing with laughter at my grand entrance.
People whoop whooped.

And our choice of song set the tone for our lovely, different and very personal day.

(It’s ok to Be….a wee bit different).

Love Nikki @Be….


2 thoughts on “Going the Distance…. (a wee Be… post).

  1. What a great and different entrance! lovin the blog x

    i thought i was doing well with mr brightside 🙂 this is a class tune and hubby likes it too. thumbs up from us.

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