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It all went pumpkin shaped….. and it was lovely.

Rewind to halloween….

Not long before….
Be…Eventful were asked by a friend of a friend to help decorate and pull together some wee last minute Be…. ideas for a halloween ball.
The lovely Gillian Shaw, of Rosie Glo (mucho talented Stirling makeup artist, soon to have her own wee feature right here) was hosting the ball to raise money for a charity very close to her heart, Strathcarron Hospice, and we were more than welcome to help out.
Gillian is married to Matthew. He is lovely. Matthew is Robyn’s big brother. Robyn.. also lovely.
Robyn and Matthews mum Myda was a fundraiser for Strathcarron, and she held many an event to help the hospice.
Because she was once a patient there. Myda had cancer. And sadly, she passed away. Gillian & co organised a fundraising ball, in honour of the lovely mum. And the wee gang are going to make it an annual thing. They are a lovely gang.

So with just 2 weeks to go… what could we do??
Pom poms. Straight away my noggin filled with pom poms. Black and orange. Pumpkin shaped. Jaggy and hanging unevenly. It would be creepy and cool. Then the sister decided now was the time to show off our photo booth, spooky style.  So I began fashioning some moustaches and caption cards, Nikki began gathering some hugely hilarious oversized wearable things and soon Be HQ 2 was like a strange little factory (much to Mr D’s alarm), mustering up a rather curious array of props and decor. Many a mishap and badly shaped face-mane later…. and we had a vintage trunk full of funny and odd dressing up goodies.

After meeting with Gillian & Robyn at the venue, we all got pretty excited about making this ball amazing. The hotel, The Golden Lion in Stirling, has a beautiful big ballroom, marble pillars and chandeliers, a lovely wee canvas to Be..decorating. The Shaw girls had gone to huge efforts to spookify the place so luckily for us, some pernickitly placed pom poms and a well-hung (excuse me) curtain backdrop gave the room just that extra wee oomph. And the set up of the photobooth was made even more perfect with the use of the vintage furniture and dookit for us to settle in to. We were excited.

So some hastily made fancy dress outfits and rushing about with trunks and big glasses, we made it to the night of the ball. And big fat success it was. All in, Gillian and co raised over £1000 for Strathcarron, a big lovely sum. And anyone using our photo booth plonked some money in our tin towards that sum also. Lovely jubbly. Gillian had organised a raffle with some really good prizes, and yay for me, a buffet also. It was all fun and dancing. And our wee selves and our trunk of props had a ball at the ball. We had our own wee Be..Eventful theme going with our vintage furniture, frame, tin and hastily made costumes. We looked like a right couple of flappers. And of course an Audrey Hepburn…

Inside the ball, the dj chucked out some thriller style tunage, the ball-goers cut some spooky shapes, and at the door, Be…Eventful took funny pictures of funny dressed up people doing funny things. And it was all very funny, and fun. We made people curious.. and even if they just didnt really have a clue what we were doing, they still came over and  got involved. Good show good show.
The pictures say it all.

Some  blunders with the new camera lens, some stressy moments thinking people didnt get it, and loads and loads of laughs, we got some great, fun, keep-worthy photos and alot of little learnings doing our first photo booth. And we also won (or should i say the lovely couple with the pumpkin baby won) us as a raffle prize!! And we cannot wait to get a date sorted with them so we can take some fun photo booth pictures at a little soiree they will have in the future!! Yay.
So a scary (literally SCARY) Be Eventful outing was a big fat success and we couldnt have been involved in a more worthy, lovely cause, with more lovely people hosting (& attending!).
(yes, as always we cried at points in the evening).
But thats just what we do. Thanks to the lovely Gillian for inviting us to help out and show off our be eventful hats.
And well done to the lovely Shaw family gang.

Love Claire@Be x

P.S If you want to see all the photos from the halloween ball.. check out our facebook gallery!!


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