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Be HQ no.2 at christmas…

Merry new year to you all!! And back to normalness we go. But before I do.. I must show you our christmas….

My house. My wee  lovely hidden little home. At christmas.

Christmas was to be magic. You see, Mr D and I met at christmas. We got engaged at christmas. And for crimbo no.3, we were in our lovely wee roost. So I was going to turn the nest into christmas itself. And, as always, I was going to do it by myself (Im a very annoying person that never wants help). My noggin was full of ideas and visions in red and green and scandi patterns. It was time to be… crafty.

Garlands made from raffia, pompoms of wool, festive bunting, hanging tree decorations, snowflakes of doilies, matchboxes for advent. The place was a fuzz of red and green. I was in a constant big tangle of ribbon and thread. The floor was sprinkled with teeny scraps of stuff. Stuff. Mr D shakes his head alot. I hoover alot. The sewing machine chugs alot. Its christmas in here. But its messy.

And it just got messier. We got a real tree. A smelly (in a nice way), needly, big huge tree. We had to rearrange our house to fit the thing in. But we did it. And I loved it in all its smelly green glory. So along with the scraps of red fabric and wool, our floors were now adorned with jaggy spindles of green. As was our kitchen, our shoes, our shower and our bed (therefore our pants) not good. But, by chance, Im a pretty awesome sweeper-upper. The needles didnt win. And our house, once wrapped in my diy decor and stuffed with smells of cinnamon and apples, old christmas songs pouring out the cd player…  was the most festive-ist thing about our festive season…

I hope you all had a lovely festive time of it. Merry new year. May 2012 Be… Eventful. (and full of love and stuff).

Claire x


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