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Alls fayre… in love & marriage…

Ah to be in a room foo of lovelies doing and making and selling lovely things.
We will be in such a room come Sunday.
Sunday, my favourite day, we (as in Be) are exhibiting with The Glasgow Wedding Collective. Ah wedding people joy.
The lovely Gillian and Chris ,of Christopher Currie Photography, (more on them in a post to come), started the collective with one thing in mind… to bring together like-minded wedding-y folks with much to offer the world of w-days-to-come.
A collection of wares fit to supply any bride and groom who wish for a wee bit of the vintage on their big day.

So, after finding some lovelies they threw a wedding fayre. And it was the kind we like. A vintage one. Yaaays all round.
We went, we met, we saw, we loved. BE loved. And so now we join the GWC gang at fayre number 2. And we be very excited…

All things vintage and beautiful. All vendors great and small.
So…. get yourself along to The Hillhead Bookclub on the 15th. Have a gin. Eat some chips. And come upstairs for a wander and a wee goggle at some lovely stuff.
Im getting married… and these folks fill my noggin with w-day ado. Cant wait.

Oh… And following the fayre our wee blog will be delighted to be featuring some of our GWC sidekicks!

Love Claire x


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