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{Real wedding} Athena & Jonny’s Labor of Love

Rewind to 2009 when I spent many hours, (literally thousands), lusting over real life weddings on blogs from the UK and across the pond.
I stumbled, by chance, upon Our Labor of Love –  and instantly fell in LOVE.
I even emailed Jesse & Whit to inform them that, if I won the lottery, they would be swiftly flown from their sunny locale to Scotland to take my pictures!
Since then, they have been firmly bookmarked and I have continued to lust after their blog almost 2 years into my married life.
This wedding here (Erica & Chet) is one of my favourite ever weddings I have spotted anywhere.
(Look at those birds. AMAZING).
And Our Blog of Love can probably be held responsible for Be’s slightly over the top love of a moustache on a stick & a good elephant mask.

So we are ridiculously excited to have these images to share with you.
Athena & Jonny. This pair are simply lush.
As is the venue. If only California wasn’t quite so far away.

Enjoy. This will give you serious wedding envy.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures above. Tears in my eyes.

Adore the laughing Scotsman.

And as if these images from Our Labor of Love weren’t enough, have a wee look at this video – click here – (by the AMAZING Sharkpig).

It will just confirm what you are already thinking:

That you have fallen just a tiny little bit in love with these people and these photographers.

Everybody Dance, Dance, Dance.

Love Nikki @ Be….


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