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Be….in Amore.

So anyone who know us at Be…. will know that we enjoy words.
Quotes are a favourite though. LOVE a good quote.

Whether it’s profound and inspirational from a now deceased scientist or simply an extract from a good song, a quote can say so much in a simple line or two.

I love being gifted a quote, preferably a well thought out and meaningful one, printed prettily on a card.
This might seem like a strange thing to covet but hey ho, words means a lot and it’s an inexpensive way to show someone how you feel!

That said, as it’s coming up to Valentine’s Day, I have managed to sneak into conversation with Mr M that I would quite like something new to adorn our stairway gallery. Something like this:

Holly and Tailor

"Amore" by Holly and Tailor

 So pretty. And purse friendly (£19.99 for a4 or £29.99 for a3).
And the folk that make it are lovely too.

Holly and Tailor are an Edinburgh based company who turn words into memories that can be hung on your wall for all to see.
Be… Loves things like this.
Holly and Tailor belongs to Craig.  A very lovely and artistic Graphic Designer who started producing prints for friends and things have grown from there.
He made the ‘Amore’ print for his wife as a gift last year and decided to produce it for sale to hopefully make lots of other wives happy this V.Day.
I will be emailing the website link to Mr M right now. (I know this is slightly cheating but i’ll let him pick the quote).

For more info on Holly and Tailor, visit the website , follow on facebook or send a tweet.

Love Nikki @ Be…. x


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