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Be.. your own star. AM-azing. {Wedding videographers}

So this morning Claire mentioned the fact that we would be writing about some GWC  folks…
Well here’s the first which, coincidently ties in with a wee wedding related blog tale of my own………..

Wedding Videos can sometimes be a hit or a miss. Agree?

I decided not to hire a videographer for my day, partly because I couldn’t afford the extra cost and the other part because, well, back then I hadn’t really come across any that I liked.

So I got thinking outside the box.
I worked at the time on Stirling University Campus and was also getting married there so…..

I hired the local University Film Students to film my day.
The plans we had were amazing and they were hugely excited to help me create a music video-esque recording of my day which they would add to their portfolio of work to help enhance their future glittering movie maker careers.
It all started out well, the students were full of ideas, they arranged meetings with me, they came for “site visits” at the venue on more than one occasion and were a nice bunch of folk. I was happy.
The day itself, 3 of them appeared with ridiculously expensive looking equipment and they filmed their little socks off. All day.
They caught tears, laughter & cake knife accidents. They filmed video diaries of my nearest and dearest and captured the little details that meant so much me.
They then all systematically, one by one, left the Film Making Group and I never saw even a snippet of my wedding day on the big screen.
Oh well, lesson learned again.
(I really should have know this as I had advised many a bride in the past to choose her suppliers wisely but somehow I thought things would be different for me. WRONG!!)

Anyway…. I have taken some comfort in the fact that there are some AMAZING videographers out there and there are some brides who have their day on film in the style that I had pictured in my head!

Look at this. This is only the trailer.
It makes me want to sit down with some popcorn and a £6 bag of minstrels and watch the whole thing.

Greg and Simon from AM Wedding Films  in Glasgow are responsible for creating this visual lovely-ness.
They are also fellow members of the elite Glasgow Wedding Collective.  (We all rock by the way).

I suppose it helps slightly that Natalie and Andrew are quite lovely to look at and their wedding at Norton House Hotel was just the right mix of quirkyness & luxuriousness!
Oh and the car deserves a wee mention to itself, a 1958 Red Austin Healy.  I have complete Wedding Day Memory Jealousy.

So there you have another snippet of info about my Wedding day, another reason why should book a pro and another bit of wedding pretty.

Love Nikki @ Be…. x

Get in touch with:
AM Wedding Films –
Norton House Hotel –
David Bryce Photography –
McKinlay Kidd –


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