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Be..jewelled. {Bridal accessories (and more)}

Happy Wednesday folks.

Now for a wee GWC blog feature. The first of our favourite accessory makers. Euan McWhirter Jewellery.

At the GWC fayre last month, we met the man in question.. and a lovely man he was. Now, as a very un-girly bride-to-be, a tiara (even the word!), gave me wedding day jitters. Get married? No problem. Plan a huge big day myself? Sure! Spend the rest of my life with the one person? Cant wait! He is my favourite. Wear a tiara?? Oh dear, the thought shook me shakey. Nope, I will be wearing nothing of the sparkly kind on my noggin thank you very much, I thought.

Until I met Euan…

Yup, when I laid my peepers on that tiara, as much as my mind is pretty made up on headwear, I sure had a wee change of heart on the sparkly subject. Being me, I’m likely to stick to my love of old things and go for something vintage. But if ever a piece of jewellery could change my mind, it would be that one.

Euan offers a such a lush mix of glamorous and contemporary designs to Be..jewel yourself with, I’m sure you damsels who like a bit of spangle will have love. We do…

Whether it be a delicate set of pearly drop earrings, or a quirky statement cuff. The man can do. He can even make your dream accessory from good ol’ scratch, offering a bespoke service. Have a gander, you’ll like what your peepers will see.

Here’s to our GWC colleague, Euan McWhirter. The man who makes the beautiful jewellery.

Love Claire x


3 thoughts on “Be..jewelled. {Bridal accessories (and more)}

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