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Be.. valentined.

Valentines Day.  Are you in to it?

Och, I’m all for it.
Any given excuse to buy a card and write some funny (albeit lovely) words on it and then maybe get drunk whilst eating fancy foodstuffs.  Any excuse works for me.

But, I’m not expecting flowers and chocolates from Mr D, just because its Valentines Day and thats what you do.
No no no. (Although, I wouldn’t say no to a new favourite plate Mr D, if you reading. hm hm.)

On the other hand, a thought from outside the box?
How nice is that?  Here’s a wee idea for you all.  (And ladies, there’s a hinting service available….)

Two of our lovely Glasgow Wedding Collective fellows have teamed up for a Valentines Day Special…

The lovely Di, of Roots Fruits and Flowers on Great Western Road, Glasgow, is working with Cup Couture  to send out some Lovey Day gifts of a flowery AND flavoury fashion.

Roots Fruits and Flowers is a long-running, best-selling, very well-known florist in the West End of Glasgow.

 The leading lady of flowers, if you will.  (and in cahoots with a whole food and fruit shop, oh my… flowers and food??  I have love.)  Now I have seen Di’s flowery magic first hand and I tell you, this lady and her team can really show off a flower.
Or, not so commonly loved, moss.. These people have crafted a giant, big moss heart for the window display.  And I heart it.

Cup Couture, take charge of the chocolate side of things.

Now these guys take cake seriously. No cruddy little sprinkles will you find. Oh no. A completely delicious style of cupcake-making happens.  Fruit compotes and home-made caramels galore.  I can’t even talk (or write!) about all the different flavours, I’m too hungry to even torture myself a wee bit.  But go on the website and have a gander yourself… you will want.
(Bespoke flavours are also a thing of Cup Couture, think G&T cupcakes and you are on the right side of bespoke. Just ask Di).
And that’s not even mentioning the cake pops….



The ladies have teamed up to create something that cannot be seen as bog standard by any girlfriend or wife or favourite female…
a single rose, wrapped in a ritzy, splendid way, sat next to a selection of cake pops – bite-sized lollipop-like chocolate-dipped ball-shapes of pure flavoury stuff.  Oh a rose, how romantic, it’s the most decadent of all single flowers, a girl will say.
Then they will say, Oh fancy chocolates, LUSH.

Men, you are the winners!

Together these are quite possibly the bestest medley of Valentines Day boons one could offer ones loved one.
(And if your man needs a bit of a flea in his ear about what to get you… send a note of his email address to …  They will do all the hinting for you!)

So place your orders before midnight on Saturday 11th February for free delivery within Glasgow.
To all you folks like us NOT in Glasgow… place an order and go pick it up!!
(buy some munchy things from the roots & fruits deli while you’re there.. )

Lovey day love

Claire@Be xx


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