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Be hungry on a Sunday.

Happy Sunday Folks.  Its have-a-big-dinner day.  My favourite day.

We like to cook in our house.  Mr D is somewhat awesome at it.  I used to be good… until he came along with his knack for taking up all the kitchen space and all the dinner ideas.  But I wont complain (well I do actually, because he is the MESSIEST man I know, but lets not go there).  But again, I wont complain, because I love food. LOVE.  And the boy can cook.  On a Sunday we join forces and do a roast dinner.  Team effort.  But he’s still the main (meat) man really.

I’m in charge of dessert.  I bake a lot.  Well I try.  I mean, I make a mean banana loaf.  My sticky toffee puddings a favourite (so proud).  I’ve mastered a very (even if i do say so myself) lovely (and not dry at all by the way) chocolate cake, and yesterday I made.. from my very own made-up recipe, a lemon drizzle cake.  With blueberries.  And a honey glaze.  I like to call it my Lemon Blueberry Honey Drizzle Loaf Cake.  Ok,  maybe I got the temperature of the oven wrong and maybe it turned out a tiny bit doughy in the middle… but who doesnt like a bit of gooey cake dough on a Sunday anyway.  Lovely.

So, because of this love of food and baking, I have a big like for people who do lovely things with food and baking (remember a previous blog about a certain cake-pop making CUP COUTURE? I drool.)

Mr D and I, we buy cook books almost weekly (its a bit ridiculous), we watch Masterchef religiously, have a love for Jamie and, more recently, Hugh, and we think we know a fair bit.  But we do this, and have this knowledge, in the comfyness of our own tiny messy little kitchen.  Folk that food-make for a living, are cool to us.

These ladies I’m about to speak of are veeeeery, I say, veery, inspiring food folk.  And, yup, they are fellow Glasgow Wedding Collective-ers.  Yay, us.  They are Three Sisters Bake.  And they are three sisters, who bake.

We LOVE that this girl family have a business together.  Of course we do.. we do too! Its a lovely thing.  And also, I loves a cafe I do.  (So much so that I work in one… a particularly lovely one but I’ll discuss that later).  And I loves the ideas in these gurls noggins also.

Not only do they bake, they have a gorgeous little place full of yummy things and wine even.  Deli counters foo of breads and salads and all things nice.  Homemade soups and quiches.  Tables for dinner, booths for hiding away in, coffee for sipping on your lonesome, or wi-fi for laptop-ing.  They say, make Three Sisters Bake what works for you.

They source everything themselves, they design the menus themselves, and they make, taste and check everything in sight.  Honestly, Yay to them.  They do outside catering,  anything you could possibly need for, and great deals on meals.. follow them on facebook to see what they offer.

And the cakes they make? Again, I drool.  They look AMAZING.  For your wedding, hows about something away from the traditonal number… not just one tiered cakey thing, but a cake table full of the things.  Its getting to be a popular choice at weddings, and these gurls can do a good un.

Go on the website.  Have a Sunday gander.  Drool a bit.  Be a bit inspired.  If your near by, go for some lunch.   And if your getting married soon??? Order some cakes!!!  These girls are definitely on my list!

Love Claire  x


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