be loves

If Be were a hotel….

….we would be ‘The Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh‘.

Be Eventful

From the cardigan wearing receptionists to the polka dot wallpaper, this is a hotel which fits right in with Be Eventful’s way of thinking.

“Under dramatic skies.
Black and white. Emphatic contrasts.
Accented with brilliant flashes of scarlet.
For warmth. For drama.”

Be Eventful

Love a cake stand?  We do.  Missoni do.

From the moment you walk into the hotel, the interior design magic of Rosita Missoni is apparent.  The contrasting colours, bold artwork, mosaic tiling and, of course, the infamous Missoni zig zags are literally, all over the place.  It might be a bit overwhelming to some, but there is no denying the lady has a stylish eye.

Each floor a different colour, from the outside the building takes on a rainbow-like quality, a flash of each floors decor visible from the streets.  Each room an eclectic mix of bold colour and stylish furnishings.

It just works, sometimes in a way you probably think shouldn’t (metallic silver headboards against neon pink walls definitely should not go) but it does.

It works well.

Be Eventful

The details people, it’s ALL about the details.  And Hotel Missoni has them in abundance.
Nevermind your sachets of less than appealing freeze dried coffee, every room here has it’s own espresso machine.  Love your Missoni bath robe? Buy one to take home!  The pick & mix mint humbugs found at reception are amazing (note the black and white Missoni-like candy choice!).  The entire contents of the mini-bar included in your room rate (this may be my favourite thing about the place) and you can even download a Hotel Missoni app to help plan your stay!!

There are just too many details to mention but, as someone who has worked in hotels for more than half of my life (really?), it’s these wee things that make a big difference to your stay.
And you would be forgiven for thinking that a hotel as bold as this might have a bit of a stand offish or showy attitude, but it is the exact opposite.  It’s a quirky, warm and very welcoming place to be and the staff seem refreshingly proud of their workplace.

Be Eventful

“and who doesn’t like a man in a (missoni) kilt?”

My love for this hotel is more than a wee bit evident, so we are delighted to announce The Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh, as a featured supplier on The ‘Be’ List.

Forget the ‘A’ List.  The ‘Be’ list is the crowd you want to be in with.

This is a hotel which isn’t afraid to be different.
That’s why it is one of Be’s favourites.

 Love Nikki @ Be….


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