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Merry Big Birthday!

Happy 30th to the sister!!  Hooray hooray its a big birth-day!!

Yup, its Nikkis birthday.  The almost 30 year old, is now 30.  And you wouldn’t have thunk it. (I can’t actually believe it!) Me, I’m still a few years off the big 3-0, but when I get there, I hope I’ve achieved as much and have as much love and lovely things in my life as my sister has.

She has a hard-working and handsome husband (yup Kevin, I said you were handsome), and these two imperfect people love each other perfectly.  I call them the lovely people.  And I have nothing but love for them.

Together they have made two of the most perfect wee people in world.  Hollie and Isabella.  Perfect, little, funny, gorgeous kiddos.  They are clever, very very funny (I mean they crack me right up), small people.  Foo to the gunnels with character.  And they have the best of both the lovely people in them.  I have nothing but love.

(They also have three dogs, who are hugely weird, very funny looking and perfect in their own weirdo way.  And I have nothing but love for them either.)

( told you.)

Me and the sister work very well together.  Because we are the same.  But so different.  We are like two peas in a pod (but I’m a bit of sweetcorn.)

So, Happy 30th Birthday to my youngest big sister.  You are the business noggin behind our business, you are the maker of all my to do lists (which we both know I desperately need), you are the voice that tells me to buy the dress when I want the dress, the one that gets my random jokes and use of words, you applaud my oddness (probably because you are odd too) and I have nothing but love for you.


Love Claire x


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