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Monday blues {some colour inspiration}

Ah, Monday.

Generally, the Monday of a week is not the favourite of the days.  I chat to a lot of people during a morning (I’m talking MORNING morning, like from 6:30am onwards. urgh.)  and today there was a sure cloud of  tired foggy-ness in most (me in particular).  A busy weekend.  Now for a busy week.  I cant see past it.  So much to do, so little time and all that jazz.  Not to mention my big huge (pretty sure its visible) headache.

But ( not that this should make me feel better) I was definitely not the only one feeling it this morning..

I’m sure it’s the Monday Blues.

Do you ever suffer from these?  It only happens to me when I’m tired-er than tired and have a lot on my (to-do) plate.

So I’m stopping my busy day for a minute and thinking of all things blue.  The blue that I like (not this cruddy monday one).

Decorate your house?  Dandify yourself?  Do it in blue.  Blue on your table?  Blue in your hair.  I especially love a blue plate.   And I’m going to make those blue cupboards.  And find myself a blue gypsy caravan to live in (or honeymoon in??).

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Claire x


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