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Be in a big old house {wedding inspiration}

It’s all happening.

Remember we talked about a wee collaboration with us at Be and some Glasgow Wedding Collective buddies that was to happen soon?  Well it happened.  On Tuesday.  And it was.. amazing!! (you have to sing that last word).

A photo shoot was to be had.  Clever clogs were to be involved.  It was to be epic they said.  That was the word used.

And that was what it was.

Ten hours of furniture moving, table arranging, old house rambling and vintage festooning, in a building so beautiful I cried a bit, with people so lovely I jumped up and down a bit, whilst all wearing clothes so fetching they made me twirl.

And I’m really not a twirler.

Between the place and the flowers and the jewellery and the dresses, to the cakes and the headpieces and the filming and the prettifying, I swear the sheer volume of wedding perfect-ness was enough to make me clap my hands in a very daft fashion.  All day long.

That’s without even mentioning the photography.

Let me tell you, the much-lovely Caroline, of Candysnaps, the noggin behind this shoot, is like a little picture-taking Einstein.  And I’m going to prove it.

Have a sneaky wee ogle at what happened that day..

And that’s just the start.  Its all happening.

We are all much too excited about the pictures…  So keep your peepers peeled for the rest, coming soon.  And I’ll be naming all the clever clogs in my next blogtale. Tomorrow.

Much excitement for a Thursday.  Gawd.

Love Claire x

(The well-dressed folk in picture 2, its me and Mr D!! Guffaw!)


3 thoughts on “Be in a big old house {wedding inspiration}

    • Thank you Cassie!
      This was such an amazing shoot to be involved in.
      We’ll post a couple more sneaky peeks tomorrow and the full shoot will be up soon!!
      Much more pretty-ness to come!

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