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Be.. in a big old house (part two) {wedding inspiration}

Here’s to Friday in all its end-of-the-week loveliness.

Such a fun week, but, Oh Man, I’m wilting (like a bit of spinach in a frying pan).   I’m yon tired but hyper way, can’t sit down for fear of falling asleep, so instead, looking a bit tigger-like.  Bouncing.  Probably very annoying.

Could be due to the thought of seeing the rest of the photos from our CandySnaps shoot… and thinking of all who muddled in it….

The head-noggin, Caroline of CandySnaps, who proved herself a photography genius. (and her most lovely husband too!)

The dress-maker, Rowan of RowanJoy, who makes dresses that make me want to cry (and get married in).

The flower-ers, Di and her team at Roots and Fruits, who can prettify absolutely anything with their flowers, a bit fruit and some moss.

The videographer, Eileen of Sugar8, who caught the goings on of all the day on vintage film. (oh.gawd.excited)

The lady with the jewels, Alison Macleod, who conjured up the beautiful frippery for us to spangle in.

Barnet styling and make up-ing by Anne Marie McElroy and Julie Diplacito.

Head decorations by accessory wizards La Belle Epoque and William Chambers.

The cake-bakers, Three Sisters Bake and Cup Couture.

And… us.  Be Eventful.  With our big stash of crockery, vintage knick knacks and idea-filled noggins.

Add on the real-life couples who played dress up for the day.. (including me and Mr D. Haaaa)

And the most amazing wedding venue I have ever even imagined, Ardkinglas House….

And this is a bit more of what you get… show but just a few.

All of these people, as well as being awfully talented and lovely, had BANTER.  Merry banter.  Meaning the fun was rife in the old, cold house.  And a long long day didn’t feel so long.  Yay for nice folk.

I honestly couldn’t be more excited about the rest of these pictures (and the bloomin’ film..eek!).  And that says a lot, because I usually take a very cruddy picture and hate being in photos.   So when I say Caroline, along with the dresser-uppers/prettifiers, are amazing..   I mean it!

Go to CandySnaps blog to see a couple more sneak peek pictures…

And when all is edited and done…. I’ll be bloggering on about it even more.

Happy Friday to you.

Love Claire x


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