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Spring festooning.

I love my home.  Very much.

And I love the things in my home.  Of which there are many.  I have a love for things and stuff.  Just ask everyone.  Stuff and things.  Nothing in particular.  Just whatever takes my fancy.  Mostly stuff. And some things.

When we moved into said home, Mr D didn’t know what was happening.  I have so much. Car loads.  Plural.  And I believe I’ve mentioned the size of our abode.  Small.  Smaller than that even.  TINY (in big huge capital letters).

But it fits us both perfect.  And we’ve been known to throw the odd little, crowded, elbow-jostling, plate-clanking dinner party.  Its big enough for those gatherings (if all the guests like each other…).

And you know what, us and my stuff fit in nicely.  Its foo.  And homely.  Some might say cluttered.  But I’m pretty sure it could only be in a nice way.  And I carry on collecting things.  I even come home to surprises of house knick-knacks from Mr D (I’ve brought out his clutter-y side.. har har).  One day I’ll do a post just on our roost and its stuff!

Anyway, Springs happening (ignore the snow that just fell), and I took my annual week off work for whisky day last month (excessive I know, but its become habit and my only regular holiday of the year. I am not whiskified for the entire week, don’t fret).  And on this week I had a, hm hm, clear out (I dont throw much out really..).   But, yup, I sprung-cleaned everything.

I  scrubbed and foofed and shined and rearranged.  We chopped a thing in half to make a new shelfy thing for my china and a new coffee table.  We hammered broken pencils into a thing to make new book shelves.  We rolled up old rugs and put down even older ones.  All the while my noggin filling with ideas for festooning the place.  Frames for walls, displays for china, where to hang lampshades (in a house with spot lights only) … And then my week ended.  I ran out of festooning time.  But the place was squeaky clean and fresh at least.

Now, a month on, the home is in need of a spring clean again.  I don’t know how it happens.  So (when I get the time) I’m going to go on a festooning mission.

Some ideas floating my sofa just now…

I know there’s a pattern there.  Its walls.  Things on walls.  Plates? I have lots.  A ladder?  I need to paint it.  French cut mirrors?  Mr D is on the hunt (you are aren’t you????!).  Mexican hats.  Eh.. I’ll maybe just ogle the picture.  Ive run out of walls anyway.

And can I just say… This is the most beautiful bedroom I ever did see…


So.. its Spring… prettify a wall why don’t ye.

Love Claire x

(sources~ one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ~ those not linked are either my own or from google images)


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