be at work

Be..atles. My favourites.

Its Sunday.  And I’m listening to the Beatles.  Its how a Sunday should sound.  Along with the sound of bacon, the kettle, and Mr D being Mr D (which is quite loud).  It should look something like this at first…

(that was THE sunday bacon extravaganza)

And now I’ve eaten said bacon, Mr D is at work, I’ve drank 3 cups of tea, hoovered and stuck a washing on.  All to the sound of my favourites…

The Beatles.  My favourites.  It started when I was a kiddo.  Because they were on all the time.  In the car especially.  And we were in the car all the time when we were wee.  Always going visiting, or to the cinema or to the shops.  And we lived in the middle of nowhere (oh to still have that house), so everywhere was a good hour or more away.  I LOVED it.  So, the car meant music.  Tapes.  Cassettes.  Rewind that song!! Stop.  Fast forward a bit.  Rewind.  Play.  Thats it. Bit of a hassle was it not.


There was one double tape I remember vividly.  20 Greatest Hits The Beatles.  That was THE car tape.  We listened to it that often, that the end of one song automatically reminded me of the next, and I would sing the intro before it started.  I was like an 8 year old Beatles ninja.

I can still do it.  Mr D’s tested me.  I freaked his beans.

When I was a kiddo, Ringo was my favourite.  All because he wrote Octopus’s Garden.  Little weirdo.

I thought men in moustaches were very cool, because Dad had one.  So I really did think all The Beatles (as well as Nigel Mansell and Tom Selleck) were the nicest men I had never met.  Now Mr D has one.

And so we chat about the wedding playlist.

Its the longest list ever.  There will be music all of the day.  And much dancing.  By us, if no one else.  And there will definitely be some Beatles.

When W-day comes, we will dance to this, my favourite.

I’ll sing this to John.

I’ll cry (in a nice way) to this (don’t fret, I cry ALL the time, nothing to be alarmed about).

And we will most definitely all get drunken and sing this.  Loud.

There should be no guests at our wedding who have any objections to doing so.

Happy Sunday folks!!

Love Claire x

(all images from google, pinterest and my own computer)


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