real weddings

{Real wedding} Mel & Andrew’s Australian, pretty outdoor wedding.

This real life wedding really floated our desks this week.  Oh the pretty.

Sent to us by two lovely picture-taking ladies from the other side of your oyster, all the way over, way down under, Melbourne, Australia.
A swoony place in itself, without even seeing this wedding.
Said ladies are..

Love Katie & Sarah.

And we do.  Love Katie and Sarah, that is.

The w-day belongs to.. Mel & Andrew.
And all I can say is SWOON. (This being a new favourite word of ours).

Yep boys, the beers sorted……

Oh, the first look. Be LOVES this concept.
The Mustang.  Dang. What an amazing gift from Mel to Andrew!

Outdoor pretty. Yes Please.

Such a proud pops face.

So simple, yet so beautiful.

So as Mel & Andrew drive off into the sunset in their wonderful Mustang, we sit and daydream about sunny weddings in far off places!

Huge thanks and love to Katie & Sarah for sending us this lush little wedding.

Love Be. x


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