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Be..Rosy. With a Sparrow {wedding flowers}

Hello all.

So we have no structure to this blogging malarky.  I like to blogger on about whatevers in my noggin at the time.  But we be feeling that maybe, perhaps, a bit of consistency would be nice in blog-land. I’m going to be getting organised very soon.  Yes I am.

For now you will have to just put up with our mishmish of blogtales.

Here goes with a good ol’ GWC fellow feature!!

Remember my wee crush on them all?  All the most talented wedding-y suppliers in scottish land? (I gush, I’m aware).  Well they ARE the most talented, creative wedding-y suppliers in all the land.  This is true.

Lisa of Sparrow & Rose, is no exception.  And I’m going to prove it.

I do love a flower. (Not quite as much as I love a plate.. but that doesnt count. Plates are my favourite).

There are certain wedding flowers or boke-ays (sorry, bouquets) that just dont float my boat.

And Im not taken with sparkly bits and long weird trailing things (things that trail are for tripping on).

But there are flowery things out there for everyone, and each to their own, I say (with gusto).  In my house, I love a flower or few.

Wedding wise, for me (and I know Mr D feels the same… deep down)… the hand picked, wild, I-just-gathered-these-from-the-garden style is the way forward. The new black if you will.  And thats the floral road I see us going down come w-day.  We decided this in stage one of the turning-out-to-be-longer-than-we-planned engagement.  I’m even quite set on the idea of doing the flowers myself, and ACTUALLY picking them from a garden (sadly not my own because we don’t have one, so neighbours.. if your garden looks ever a bit bare, I can only apologise and say thank you for the wedding gift).  I do like to do things myself.

But oh how my mind opens when I see the talented GWC florists do flowery things…

Lisa of Sparrow and Rose, loves a tea cup.  And so, we love her.

You will only have to look at her work… to love her too.

Would you fill a teapot with flowers for your tables? We do.  Lisa does.  You should.

I have so much love for those bright colours, and daisies, and green stuff, oh my!

The purty Sparrow and Rose was established in February 2010 by the lovely Lisa, a trained florist who has much love for all things vintage and beautiful, all flowers big and small.  Book her.  She will prettify your venue with petal-y things, wherever it may be.

Those photos make me want to be a florist myself.  The gurl does good.  Go to her website for ganders.  Ogle the flowers.  And be sure to have a peek at her brooch bouquets.  Who says a bunch has to be of flowers….??

Here’s to a weekend of purty ideas.

Love Claire x


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