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Be lucky and green {some colour inspiration}

We are going to get some structure about this blog.  T’ be sure, t’ be sure.  On a Monday I think we need to see pretty things.  Because a Monday can feel a bit… cruddy.  Yup, Monday will be for colour and inspiration and pretty things for ogling.  That’s what we will do.  Next week.

But today needs pretty things because its Mothers day.  Hurrah to Mum.

We’re lucky to have her..

Here’s to our Mum.  And St Paddy.  Since this weekend saw both their days.  And both of them love the colour green…

I also have love for the green.

I want a green dress with a collar and a pattern.

And a bedroom with pretty green furniture.

Pretty green tumblers for my kitchen? Yes (and I’ll have the owl please.)

Oh my! to the radio.

And I very much wish I wore glasses so that I could wear those.

Mum… your right about that colour (and lots of other things!!).  It is a pretty one.

Happy mothers day!!  And St patricks day too!

Let this week be a lucky one.

Love Claire x

(sources one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen. all other images are my own either from my camera or saved on the computer with no source…sorry!!)


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