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Be the same but Be different.

The same but different, what we like to call a “co-ordinated mismatch”.
Who says your teacup has to match your saucer?
Why should your colour pallets be complimentary?
What one person once said that said Red & Green should never be seen?
(they lied).
Why should your shoes should go with your dress?
(this is a particular favourite of mine.
Like I actually love shoes, mostly Irregular Choice ones that do not go with any outfit but look AMAZING anyway).

Here’s some of my favourite images from the world of
“coordinated mismatches”

The gorgeous image above was a last minute addition (after a wee twitter chat) from the obviously like minded and lovely ladies at Emma Hadley Wedding.

“more & more of the stylish guests at weddings are mixing it up when it comes to colours prints and accessories and are dropping the matchy matching look so we think bridesmaids should do the same…. be bold and creative and have a play with your wardrobe to see what works! “

‘Helen – Emma Hadley Wedding’
(makers of exquisitely pretty things)

So, there you go…’s not just Be who loves a “Co-Ordinated Mismatch”.
For your wardrobe, your wedding, your walls or your wellies……
It’s the actual way forward.

Love Nikki @ Be xx

yellow maids, chairs, gorgeous girl with the flowersocks, red & green, pastels, missonistairs, colour blockwellies, blue, monochrome


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