be at work

Be… Invited. The Shoot.

Happy Friday. It is.

Its happened. We have been glossified.
Festooning the sheeny-shiney new pages of Invite Scotland magazine, with our carnival-y ideas and decor.
The launch was last week. And this is the cover.. Hurrah!

Available to buy in WH Smiths (and lots of other places) for a wee Β£3.70.
A magazine showcasing all that is good in the Scottish events industry, from venues to suppliers to inspiration
(that’s where we come in… Carnival Flair!! Bunting IS big!).

And our wee double-page feature (ahem) looks the business.

A big thank you to RosieGlo, our make up artist, Mark Rushton, the picture-taker, and Jennifer Ward, oor wee model, the most helpful, creative, energetic girl model we will quite possibly ever work with.
And to the lovely Eleanor Whitby for letting us grace the pages of her wonderful magazine.
(Also a wee thanks for filling us full of fizz & sushi at the launch party).

Let the pictures tell the story…..

After hours of setting up, prettifying and picture taking, it all got a bit messy… let’s have a Trash The Dress session, we decided (it was the middle of the night by this point, we were hyper with the sleepiness and throwing popcorn around Be HQ2 felt like fun…). Β And it was.

The message?
Be fun. You know you want to.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Love Be……


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