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Be in that big old house… the story {wedding inspiration}

Good Saturday Morning to you all.

This fortnight has seen some of Be Eventfuls’ work on show in, not only the sheeny pages of Invite Magazine and Best Scottish Weddings, but now on the prettiest wedding blog in the land, Love My Dress.  We saw, we swooned.

Yup, The Desire, Decadence and Decay shoot was featured this week, and oh my, does it not look amazing. Go here to see the feature in full.. and swoon some.

We could not have been happier to have been asked to help with such an amazing shoot, and have been twitchy with the excitement ever since.
We wrote a couple of sneak-blogs earlier (see here and here)  but have been itching to tell some more ever since….

This is our story of the day (the Be-side, if you will).

Rewind a few months to a wintery Sunday, and the receiving of a very exciting email from the lovely Caroline of CandySnaps, asking Be to help style an inspiration shoot.  It was to be a collaboration of gorgeous Glasgow Wedding Collective suppliers. It was to be EPIC.
And we couldn’t have been more keen to be involved.

This was right up our aisle.

Nikki, good ol’ Nikki, offered myself and Mr D as one of the real life couple-models…  in a very sneaky fashion.  Knowing I would never have agreed to it (I am more camera shy than a camera shy thing) she had offered us up to Caroline, who had said yay, not nay, with the thinking that it would kill two birdies with one pebble, Be-styler AND model, and that was that.

Mr D, of course, had no problem, he had the ‘tache and loves a photo…
I am a different kettle of fish.  I’m a jug of spaghetti.  I HATE a photo (and I don’t have a ‘tache, just to be clear).  So to say I was nervous would be wrong.  I was crudding myself.

But then I met Caroline and the gang, we started planning the shoot,  I saw the venue…  I forgot that I was a jug of spaghetti.

The day was a long one.  Made longer by the fact that Ardkinglas House was the most beautiful house I ever did see and we all spent much too long exploring and oooh-ing.  I genuinely cried a bit.  It was so ruddy perfect.

We started working.  Shuffling furniture, unpacking china, laying lace and plating up cakes.  A big team effort, no man was spared and after hours of getting organised (and many a cup of tea was drank) the shooting started.

And just look what came of it…

I told you before, Caroline is a little picture-taking einstein.
She has written her own account of the day… with even more images for you to ogle, here.  Its a good’un.

My love for a top hat has grown since this shoot.  As has Mr D’s love for his ‘tache.  We had a such a good day, and all involved were so talented and swoony that we’ve said we should have got someone to marry us while we were there..  it would have been a perfect and gorgeous wedding day.. banter and lovely guests included.  Ach it was a merry wee day.

So here’s to the Desire, Decadence and Decay team.  It was indeed, epic.  Hurrah!

Love Claire x

P.s  you will here about this again.. still to come.. the Sugar 8 video. Oh my word.

The (amazing) Team:

Photography: candysnaps
Venue: ardkinglas
Dresses: rowan joy
Men’s attire: glasgow vintage company and retro
Flowers: roots, fruits and flowers
Videography: sugar 8
Jewellery: alison macleod
Headpieces: william chambers and la belle epoque
Stationary: e.y.i love
Cakes: three sisters bake and cup couture
Lace for table and wallpaper: timorous beasties
China & Styling: Us at be-eventful
Hair & Make- Up: Anne Marie & Julie – Sorelle Hair & Make-Up


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