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{The wedding} Be outside the box.

Sunday.  Its my favourite.

And today I’m going to tell more tales about the wedding plans…

When Mr D asked me to marry him…I’m not going to lie.. I was shook shakey.  I’ll use that stupid word.. flabbergasted (it reminds me of John Torrodes face.. you know the guy from Masterchef with the jangly jowls?? I really like him).  But, yeah, I was really shocked.  Not in a Oh-god-this-is-horrible way, I was just not expecting it…

It was christmas eve, our one-year of being together dinner, and there was a lot going on outside of our wee lives that day, we were emotional, we were eating the best bit of steak I have ever even looked at,  Christmas was going to be a hard one for his family that year, we were sad but happy all at once, we were dressed all fancy, I was getting pudding.. there was just so much going on and then he got a big jaggy box out of his pocket and the mishmash of feelings in my noggin got pretty messy.  Then I said the thing.

“Oh my that’s lovely oh god you shouldn’t have got me that for Christmas!”

A half guffaw, half sigh from Mr D and I realised the beautiful spangly thing was not just a present.  And I was happy (still a bit of a startled look about me but very happy).

I was never going to get married.  I loved a wedding.  I loved the idea of a wedding.  I’m a big stinking romantic and love people in love (I know).  I’m like a wedding geek.  But it wasn’t for me, a wedding.  I didn’t like the thought of being centre of attention, I didn’t like the idea of stressy planning, I didn’t like chair covers or colour themed everything (these things I’ve continued not to like), I didn’t want to have a sit-down meal for everyone, I didn’t want to try and please everyone, and, most of all, I didn’t want to ever walk down the ailse without my Dad.  I still very much don’t.  But its Mr D.  And I want to marry him.  Funny thing that.  One boy changed my whole life ideas.  Just by being him.  It’s a strange thing.

Its going to be a hard one, this walking in malarky, with all the pressure and excitement and happiness and sadness mixed in {after the sister-wedding-day, we all know that, as a family, we will not look our best during this part of the wedding}.  But, Mr D will be there, and that helps me.  Which says something itself, that does… I want to be his wife so he can do just that.. Be there. With me.

And so we started planning our wedding.  Our way.  Here’s our first ever notes..

From the pub one afternoon.  These plans haven’t changed much in the past 14 months… just filled out with details.  LOTS of them.  I do love a detail.  Be is all about them.

After me saying how I didn’t think I’d ever get married… it turned out I was pretty particular when it came to our day.  I knew exactly what I DIDN’T want.  And ,woop woop for me, Mr D is on the exact same page (we are on the exact same bit of tree that makes the paper for the page, really).  We like the same things, we love the same things, we wear the same things (not dresses or anything alarming.. just, say, converse and hats).  We are the same thing… that thing being… a wee bit odd to others.  And, now this is something that came as a wee surprise to my family & friends, but Mr D, could possibly be, odder than me (that was nicely said).

So to sum up our wedding ~ extracts from that first note-taking, brain-storming, wedding-planning session in the pub ~ (the dirty napkin):

Flowers in cups ~ trunks & hats & ties ~ lights & teacups ~ mumford and sons & cherry ghost ~ hog roast & stovies & me making cakes ~ guest tree & luggage tags ~ picnic benches & cushions ~ frames & moustaches ~ upside down umbrellas ~ beer keg & bunting ~ Polaroids and fabric ~ music by pals & no sit-down meal ~

And then we wrote a summary….  (extract from my life story):

WE WANT…. a late afternoon ceremony (maybe 4pm) in a field/barn/marquee… no sit-down meal.. a humanist service… a venue we can stay over for a few days.. decorate ourselves, music by ipod & johns pals… homemade cakes and food alongside the hog… flowers by moi – allium peonies spray roses daisies… jamjars & teacups & trunks & ribbons & bunting & pompoms & iphone photos & crockery & mismatchedness & vintage bottles & whisky & polaroids & tagtree & big family breakfast & cushion covers by moi & a vintage dress & food on a table outside with garden games & homemadeness.

Oh it sound so lovely.  But our biggest problem is our venue, as we’ve mentioned (if anyone has a place they think would fit??? do tell!!)  We have love for two places, on different ends of the budget, and we are visiting them both (one, again) very soon.  So I will be keeping you posted with my bloggering..

For now here is all the things that inspired me at first… and the things that I’ve found since….  Our wedding in other peoples weddings… swoon.

So that would be our day.  Still.  Over a year since we got wedding noggins on and we still want what we want.  And we will have.  And it will be fun.

Happy Sunday.

Love Claire x

(all images from rock my weddingruffledour pinterest board, my computer saved from donks ago)


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