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Be it summer already??

Who would have thunk it.  Sheeny sunshine in March. I have love for an early Summer.  I eat fruit more.  I go outside more. I sing more (unfortunate for Mr D).  I get the peely wally legs out and the battered old converse on and go floating around parks and gardens laden with blankets and books and donuts and beer, like a wee tipsy summer fairy.  Happy as that Larry guy, I am.

Does the sun not make day to day things a bit easier?? Throw on a wee floaty number, grab your bag and off you go.  Jacket.. Pah! I don’t need you.  And I never have as much to do when its out (the to-do list isn’t as long I’m sure of it) so I seem to have lots of time to just laze around in its sunshiny presence.  Making me less stressy and busy.  I think I may be a nicer person when its warm out. Oops.

This is what this week has made me think of..

Parties on grass..

Sunshiny outfits from my favourite shop…

Road trips like these..

Picnics (lots of picnics)..

Taking pretty pictures like this..

And much wedding fun… (I do love this photo a bit much..)..

Hurrah for the sun.

Love Claire x

(maybe I should get a bike..I seem to like them…)

sources ~ one two three&four (that’s my favourite shop) five six seven eight nine ten eleven


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