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Be behind a pretty veil..

Evening all.

This breezy summer (but not summer) day has made me think of floating around on my wedding day wearing lots of floaty things…

Like a veil.  A long one.  That floats.

Nikki and I have decided, we love a veil.. and the more vintage-y the better.

For me (the most indecisive person ever…apparently…I’m not so sure.. (obviously)) the choosing of head-wear, or any wear for that matter, is extremely difficult.. I do love a vintage-y head piece you see (like I told you about here & here) but this month its been all about the veil.

I like the idea of festooning myself with a swooshy pretty thing over my wee bride-y face for when I’m walking up to Mr D on our w-day.  I’ve decided it would give me a bit more time to get ready for the big “I do” moment, whilst hiding my big greetin’ face from the guests for a few moments longer… big. fat. bonus (I’m not a liker of my face.. especially during a bubble).

I see me outside, on a breezy (not windy) very sunny day, tipsy from my morning-of-the-wedding-nerve-fixing whiskys, with a big fat grin on my face (and no doubt big fat tears falling down it), with my floaty dress and floaty veil gently wooshing in the breeze, hiding said face a wee bit and making me all girly and laid-back and invincible.  In a field.  This is what I see.

And these pretty people and their veils make me like them even more…

Polka-dotted even…

I had a swoon.  Again.  (Hopefully Mr D has as many of these swoon-y moments on our actual day as I do talking about it).

And ruddy Kate Moss just has to take the veil-biscuit..

Oh my.  Very long… but veeeery beautiful.

That woman had our actual wedding.  I was quite raging at the time.  A festival type soiree? In a field? With marquees? And that dress?? Oh my word.  The sister actually called me up on seeing pictures last year to say.. oh dear Claire, Moss had your wedding.

I’ve always had a crush on her wardrobe.  The bugger.  And then.. big wedding-envy-sigh.  Oh well, she definitely inspired me veil-wise…

Love Claire x

(sources : our pinterest, green wedding shoes and google images.. not in that order)


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