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BIY (Be it yours..)

DIY.  I LOVE doing it myself.  And I plan on DIY-ing it all the way for our w-day.  From decor to baking to make up to flowers.. I have plans for them all.  (I also have 5 big sisters, a crafty mother (and in-law-to-be) and a helpful Mr D on my team .. harharhar).

But my love for sewing and crafting and scrubbing jam jars isn’t one shared by every bride to be, I know, which is where we at Be could come in…

I LOVE a project.  I LOVE to make things.  And I LOVE a wedding.  Handmade ones being my favourite… which is why I am Be Eventfuls, B-I-Y-er.

Bunting? We have lots (I’ll even make new stuff to suit your day…)  Jam jars? I’ve spent many an hour in my sink scrubbing and sheeny-shinying little vessels of different shapes and sizes.. Hanging Pom Poms?? Oh how I love preppin’ bundles of paper(or yarn)-fluff-balls for festooning a wedding or party (gerraway ya balloon).

These are just some of the things we can help you with.  Our noggins are full of ideas and projects to give w-days a personal, handmade touch.  And if your a busy wee (bride-to-) bee (guffaw), then we can help.  Wedding and Event Planners Be might be… But me? I’m a Wedding Festooner, also.

Who, apart from us, loves the details???

(above pictures from here..)

(above ideas from my noodle and found on google images)

Oh how I love to make a pompom of paper or yarn!!  Pictures from here & here.

Put it all together and look like that!! (images from here ..)

These are a few of my favourite things.  I make these things because I like pretty.  Could this be your w-day??

Keep your peepers peeled for pictures of our very own handmade pretty in action… coming soon!!

Love Claire x


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