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Be loves.. E.Y.I Love.. {wedding stationery}

Merry Easter buddies.

This week, will now be known as BUG-WEEK in Be HQ2.  Yuks.  The lovely Mr D caught some kind of cruddy flu-y number and lovingly gave it to moi.  Hence the eery quiet on the ol’ blog.  But, all is well, I now feel swell, and just in time to stuff my merry wee face foo of chocolate.  Hurrah.

And oh to the excitement.. just seven more sleeps til the Glasgow Wedding Collective Vintage Style Fayre.. whaaat.  Funs.  Details to follow soon (you must attend.. its foo of lovelies!!)

And speaking of such things .. Meet Lorna and Jack of e.y.i love. sa-woon!

These two are our fellow GWC buddies.  They are wedding stationer wizards.  They are very lovely.  And they are married… yay for love!

And love is the word.. These guys {quote} love Love. And Love printing Love stories.

And, oh my, do they do it well….

(do they not also love working with vintage printing presses.. even swoonier!)

Look at the pretty paper things!! (more images on the website and facebook page..)

Wedding invites can be pretty bog-standard (sorry to those of you that had such ones).  Wedding-havers to be, I think, think it has to be white, card, with a ribbon to match your colour scheme and a diamante heart.  Isn’t that what you see?  That is THE wedding invite.  It doesn’t have to be this way!!!

Much of what you find, wedding paper-good wise, is the same as the next.  The same the same the same.  The ribbon, the heart, the font.  And I have looked, I tell ye.  Scoured.  I pretty much thought we would tackle our invites ourselves, because never did I see an invite I liked in the paper-flesh.  Only in my noggin (or on American blogs I must say) .  But, like I’ve said before, GWC folks can sure change a mind!!

At EYI LOVE, you tell them what you love.  Whether its lots of things, or one important thing.  Show them pictures that you love.  Words you love.  Colours you love.  Weddings you love.  And oosh!  They will come up with a design (or two) just for you.  And it will be braw.

Lorna and Jack are two very clever-cookies with love for what they do and creative noggins foo of inspiring ideas for any wedding-having people..  All you have to do is tell them what YOU love.. and they will make the stuff that YOU love.

They say.. Everything Yours I Love.  And they mean it.

Here’s to w-day paper goods.. they CAN be you!!

Come see them, and us, and all our other Glasgow Wedding Collective buddies, next Sunday at the Hillhead Bookclub…. Get inspired!!

Happy stuff-your-face-day.

Claire x


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