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It may Be raining…

Bit of a rainy one today eh.

I think about rain on wedding days very often. Our w-day would hate rain.  Its really not equipped to handle even a shower, our day.  All that outside-y, hog-roast-y, picnic table-y malarky.. in the rain? No.

No one likes a soggy roll. Or a soggy bride.

I do have a love for umbrellas though .. just not how the brolly-god intended..

The prettiest thing I ever did see.  Yay for upside down.  My noggins been foo of  umbrellas since Mr D put the idea of a wedding in there.  LOVE a hanging brolly me.

But… I’m very aware they may well have to be held the right way up come w-day.  Is rain not pretty much inevitable?  Planning a summer wedding up here is a pretty risky little number.  But I doubt it would ruin a day… So you get a bit soggy..  Its a bit romantic no?

(ok so that’s maybe a bit full on for the w-day.. think your guests would feel a bit uncomfortable.. but I love the love in The Notebook. swooning at its utmost.)

If your kissing your person, in the pouring rain, your not going to be caring about anything else are you? Otherwise you wouldn’t be standing there kissing, in the pouring rain.

So rainy wedding pictures make me a smile.

I still love Mr D in the rain.  And I’ll still want to marry him in the rain.

It would be fun.

It’s a romantic thing.  Have a kiss in it.  I’m going to dance in it on our wedding day, if it comes.  (The rain that is, not the day).  Happy as that Larry guy.

Love Claire x

(lyric poster from here and rainy wedding pictures from here)


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