be at work

A be day off.

Be had a day off. Ish. I was off my other job.. (hurrah for a wee cheeky Friday).. Be had one wee delivery to make… and Mr D had nout on (as in plans.. not nakedness). I felt a day out coming on….

And so, I made my way down to Be HQ, early as an early bird, packed up our china for delivery whilst drinking tea and having a super-fast meeting with a sister in pyjamas. And the sun was being all sunny and nice morning-y. Hurrahs.

Mr D followed soon after and we met at the train station with arms foo of Be bags and coffees and bacon baguettes… Off to Glasgow we went.

A wrong tube-stop and flustery (very much too hot) shuffle through the west-end and our work was done. China delivered safe and sound and the sun was still out.. It wasn’t even 10am. The day was our oyster..

So we went a-walkin’. Taking pictures as we went. Of all our favourite places. (and walls..)

We went thrifting. Good ol’ rummaging in every wee antique or charity shop we could find… And went a bit crazy in the record shop…

Then midday came along.. and lunch got wee boozy thoughts in our heads… Apples & vodka & oranges & beer, oh my.

Then got a bit excited in all my tipsyness about the Sunday that was coming….

And then we were merry & drunk. Very merry. We went to new pubs.. we bought new old things.. we bumped into old friends and got merrier with them.. and then we got pizza. We had a slidy pizza fiasco. And some ginger beer-y cocktails…

We called it a date. A long day-date. Merry and thrifty. And foo of raspberry vodka.

Home. Drunk and happy with bags foo of lovely things and noggins foo of wedding ideas and day out plans.

We love a date, we do.

Claire x




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