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Be minty & red (its wrong but right).

Colours. We love a mismatch, we do.

As Nikki once said (back here..) about green and red.. and the wee fibbers who say they should never be seen.. We beg to differ!! It’s really so lovely. And a wee bit wrong. But its my new favourite for sure…

The loveliest tassle necklace I ever did see..

And a retro kitchen (I’d eat waffles in there)..

If I cant find bowls like these.. I’m going to make my own..

I’m going to wear pretty green blouses and paint my lips red.

And one day Mr D and me will have a camper like that… (dreamy swooning)..

If I had pretty red hair..I’d wear big green bows everyday..

I’m buying embroidery hoops for diy art just like that

Then I might hang it in my pretty mint and red bathroom one day..

And I would do all of this wearing the prettiest dress I really ever did see…

Do you think red and green should definitely be seen?? I do. I do.

{And I’m thinking about pretty wee mint and strawberry coloured macaroons at weddings too… oh so lovely, non?}

..and polka dots.

Love Claire x


2 thoughts on “Be minty & red (its wrong but right).

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