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Be on Film. The Sugar8 way. {wedding videographer}

Remember a wee while ago Be were lucky enough to be involved in The Desire, Decadence & Decay shoot which, quite fantastically, got featured over on Love My Dress?

Well, not only did the shoot get captured by the lens of one of our favourite photographers in the land {Candysnaps}, it was filmed on Vintage Super8 by the lovely lass Eileen from Sugar8.
And here are the films. Oh my they are pretty.

Desire, Decadence & Decay, Part 1 from Eileen O’Rourke on Vimeo.

Desire, Decadence & Decay Part 2: The Party from Eileen O’Rourke on Vimeo.

How lovely are these films?
And how gorgeous do Be’s very own Claire & her Mr D look?
(Claire’s the one with long floaty hair, Mr D is the one with that ‘tache)
So gorgeous it makes me shed tears every time I watch.
I want them to get married now.

Anyway, a bit about Eileen and Sugar8.
Eileen is a fashion graduate from The Edinburgh College of Art who loves film so much she went and got herself a Post Grad Degree in Filming.
Eileen also loves a wedding. (She should be on everyone’s guest list).
Add the above to the fact that vintage & nostalgia are high up on her list of likes and you get someone who can capture your day on film perfectly.
The good old-fashioned way.

Be LOVES Sugar8. We even have badges that say so.

For more info on Sugar8 for your wedding – contact Eileen via her website.

“your very own cinematic memory of the best day of your life”

Love Nikki @ Be.


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