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Be in a pretty wedding dress … {a Rowanjoy number}.

Happy Wednesday folks…  Its a pretty one.
Pretty foo of wedding dresses to twirl in… by the very lovely, Rowan Joy Bridal.
{and our wee blog is looking a bit prettier with it’s new mellowy, yellowy look. No?}

(cue the swoon).

Yup, you may have guessed it… she’s another Glasgow Wedding Collective buddy ol’ pal.. and she is a real clever-cookie.
The noggin behind Rowanjoy bridal, is a very lovely lass, Rowan McIntosh.  I can say this with certainty, she is a little seamstress wizard (who is a really very lovely person too).

We have been lucky enough to be NEAR her dresses never mind me getting to WEAR one, all day long, when we had the pleasure of working with her on the Desire, Decadence & Decay shoot (get another gander at that here and here).

I was rather taken with Rowanjoy Bridal the first time ever I saw THAT dress.  It was love at first swish.  I tried it on, the sister cried, I felt all twirly. (TWIRLY. That means a lot).
And then I got to wear it and have a wedding at that shoot (so what if it was a pretend one.. I still felt all twirly, right?).

Launched just over a year ago, Rowanjoy Bridal began with a mini collection.. 4 dress styles, all made to measure.  Having been doing bespoke bridal wear for a few years, Rowan added this mini collection after customers began looking to her for the dress they couldn’t find in a traditional wedding shop.
And so the bridal range was added to the business and now new designs are added every 3 or 4 months.

Rowan loves working with brides to create the perfect dress, and so still offers a bespoke service.
“Being the sole person in the business I am able to offer a really special and personal service to my brides-to-be, and offer late night or weekend fittings, plus whatever else is needed to make your dress buying experience as enjoyable as possible. I also do bridesmaid dresses and have a large back catalogue of designs that can be made up in fabrics of the customers choice. ”
And I know this gurl could make bridesmaid dresses like no other…( and I’ll prove it… Keep your peepers peeled for Rowanjoy blogtale 2…).

The other clever thing about this clever lass is that if your looking for advice, she can give it.
Several years experience working in high-end retail, means Rowan knows what suits, and she’ll work with you (and your lovely maids) to make sure your dress is the most perfect thing you could possibly wear on your w-day….
Any of these would make a groom swoon, to be sure.

That last one there.  Ooft.  It makes me go all weird and wedding-y.  I’ve now had it on 3 times.  And once was to have a pretend wedding.  I can’t wear it to my own now.. It wouldn’t be right.. (would it?????).  And Mr D has seen it (he did a teeny wee swoon, I saw him).  But oh how lovely it is.  And it’s only called Clara of all names.  Too perfect.
One of you should definitely wear it….
If you’d like to… or have love for the other pretty dresses and want to know more (or get some chat from Rowan) .. click here for the website.

Swooshy, twirly love,

Claire x

{remember and watch out for blogtale no.2.. lots more pretty}
{all images by Paul Marr}


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