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{Be Talks Shop} Be-ing a Wedding Planner

So as you all know, Be plans Weddings.

Weddin and Event Planners, Stirling

{image credit: Me. It’s my wedding memory box, made by Claire.}

{Be plans other things also, things like corporate events – but we don’t chat much about them as a theatre style set up for 46 with the most interesting bit of decor being a bowl of foxes glacier mints, doesn’t really make for blog worthy eye-candy}.

As much as I love any event, a wedding is my absolute favourite.
And the fact that I get to plan other people’s weddings fills my wee heart with excitement.
{It drives my husband crazy. He thought when our wedding was over, so would be the constant wedding chat. But it’s not. Now there’s constant wedding chat about other people’s weddings. Ha.}

When people find out what I do though, I pretty much always get asked:
“what’s the point of spending money on a wedding planner?”
Well over the next wee while I’ll be giving you Be’s top reason’s why it’s a good idea.

And reason number 1?
Be will be your…….Time Keeper Be Eventful.
Planning a wedding can consume your life for a year or more and yes, it’s enjoyable, but it can also be stressful. Most of the time is spent on researching which a planner has already done for you!
Having a planner means you can keep control of the plans but delegate the most time consuming tasks or ask for help when you need it most!
Be are ALWAYS on hand and will do anything to save you time and make your pre-wedding life a lot less stressy.
{We’ll even lick your envelopes and post them if that’s what you need done}.

So… keep your peepers peeled for the next part of “Be Talks Shop” for some more reasons as to why having a wedding planner really would Be… a fab idea.

Love Nikki @ Be x

P.S Here’s a wee sneak peek of a wedding coming up on the blog next week…..
Two words…..OH and MY.


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