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Our wedding {plan Be}.

Hurrahs hurrahs. Let the wedding planning commence.  Again.

Yup, we stopped talking serious wedding-talk for a while there.  Way too much going on for our wee noggins to handle.  How many things can be happening in one house all at once… eesh.  It was all about Be Be Be.  (So selfish.)

Mr D had a change of job (or 2..), both of which are amazing, and he’s very good at both, so he is.  I was working like a … something really hard-working.. an ant perhaps.. carrying lots at once, that kind of thing (….?), this house was a mess (I’m not proud), and I have to say, I was grumpy.  Wedding plans? Pah! We couldn’t even handle planning our dinner.  And we LOVE to plan dinners (we’re a bit food-geeky that way).

BUT… hurrahs hurrahs, we are back on wedding chat.  {Wedding Plan Be}.
We are ready to eat, drink and be married.
(and quite probably a bit drunk at the same time) FUNS.

Its been all about walls this week.  Walls for the wedding.  This (oh my) is my favourite wall, out of ALL walls (and I love a lot of walls)…

Swooned. Very dramatically.  Hand to forehead and all sorts. Oh. My.

Then there’s walls I’ve found at weddings…

(all images found here)

I’ve written about walls and decor on such things before (look here and here) .. But a wall is an amazing thing.  You can put things on it, hang things from it, draw on it, put paper on it, light it up, write words on it, lean against it.  So much you can do with it.  The perfect thing to festoon.  And its going to be a big part of our wedding festooning, so it is.

We are talking w-day wall projects this week.. getting ideas from other weddings, like this one..

found here.

…and muddling all these ideas up, to make our own.  And oh my, already we have many.  But these ideas are venue-dependant.. something we don’t have just yet…  and so we might very well be planning our day backwards… do you think?  But we’re fairly good at being a bit backwards… {and the venue I love.. I really really love.. more on that later}.

So, we will start making things and stuff, and feeling happy in the wedding chat again.
Let the funs begin.
May it Be rife.

Merry Sunday folks.  Have a good un!
Love Claire x

{i found my favourite wall here}


2 thoughts on “Our wedding {plan Be}.

  1. so so gorgeous! walls are the best aren’t they?! and you know what I LOVE the back to front planning as that way you will find a venue that will accommodate all your ideas rather than having make do with the limitations of a venue. happy planning xx

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