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Be inspired. Have that love.

It’s Sunday.

This week, we went to a wedding.
A wedding that inspired us.
One so foo of love, you could see it spangling about the room.
A bride and groom so happy just to be married.
For the simplest reason.. They have the love.

When two people have the love, and they want to be together, to be married, like they did, and we do… why wait?

Life happens.
And sometimes life changes things.
Sometimes life gets in the way.
Why wait for that to happen?

Ruddy, money.  No doubt.  We have none.
Not many people do.  But,
will we have any more in two or three years time than we do now?  Will it not be the same stretch-ourselves-like-stretch-armstrong situation then too? Are we really going to have more, or be better off in a few years?  I think probably not.  Could things happen, could life happen, and make us wish we’d done it sooner?

So we’re going to do it. We’re going to make our wedding happen.  We’re going to live quietly (we have a lot of love for our sofa nights anyway..#lazyswines), we’re going to save, we’re going to stretch the pennies as far as they may go, we’re going to use a bit (hmmhmm) of that credit card. We’re going to make our own day (and food and music)..
Because we want to get married.  We want to do it now.
We have that love.
Nothing is worth more than that…

Like the lovely couple, who’s day we shared.
Who understand this more than the next person.
Who wanted to be married, and so, were.
Who have that love, and wanted to share it.

Here’s to Ali and Steven.  Who inspired us all.

Love, Love, Love.  It’s all you need.

Claire x

Keep those eyes peeled for a very special guest blogtale from that inspiring bride-y, Ali.
{all images from here}


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