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Wedding rings and things..

Here’s to a lovely lady… who makes oh so lovely jewellery.

Here’s to Alison Macleod.

Another one of our Glasgow Wedding Collective fellows.  Hurrah!! {We just can’t get enough.}
One of the noggins behind the Desire, Decadence & Decay shoot from earlier this year… Alison conjured up all that beautiful frippery for us to spangle in..
{see more of the shoot on our blogtale and over on Love My Dress}

Alison Macleod definitely has clogs.  Clever ones.

Setting up business in 2003, after studying Jewellery and Silversmithing at Edinburgh College of Art, she now works from her studio in Glasgow’s Merchant City, designing and making all kinds of swoony wares.  Receiving many an accolade, Alison’s jewellery is exhibited throughout the UK and internationally (yup, folks across all the ponds have the love for her too).
I’ve had the pleasure of swanning around in a few Macleod numbers for the day, and let me tell you,  her work is sa-woony indeed.  Wedding rings were never high in my w-day want list.. a wee plain band would do me just fine, I thought… until I met the lady with the jewels..
And not only do we have some images of Alison’s jewels, we have never seen before exclusive images of her new collection. Be… privileged, your the first to see these!

Nothing like a GWC buddy to change your mind.  Her rings are my favourite…

With a love of junk shops, Alison takes inspiration from the jumble, and the stories behind each piece inside.
And I have love for the jumble-y clusters and loops…

If only my ears were pierced.. I’d be buying myself a set of these..

We love.. do you?
Alison’s website is an impressive wee place.. showing her wares, stockists, upcoming exhibitions and links to many a feature in the press, as well as her own blog…
She’s some lady!
AND… you can now shop Alison Macleod on the award winning online shop, Not On The High Street.. Hurrahs.
Get gandering.. {and spangling once you’ve bought a piece!!}

Love Claire x


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