{plan be}

{plan Be} The Dress..

Sunday wedding chat.

This week, along with a coldbugflu, a busy coffee shop, a noggin-pondering venue visit, a messy house, much invitation {can we diy it} chat AND the last minute offer of a stand at a 2 day wedding fair this weekend, which the sister has had to fly solo on due to the former, busy and tad bug-y reasons I just mentioned, {we are now calling her..Be’s better half}  …
The oh so important matter of the dress has come up…

I’ve bloggered on about our day, doing it our way, and Doing-It-bY ourselves..{see here and here, and with a wee rummage you’ll find more ramblings on that for sure} What we want.  What we REALLY don’t want. Etc.
Can it be done? Yes. Indeed. But just HOW much can I do myself… {because I want to do everything. EVERYTHING. Its silly}.
Our venue is a quite possibly, maybe.  Our DIY skills are a-plenty.  Our ideas are a-many.. but our budget? Its slim.  Slim pickin’s…Jim.

Can I find a dress I love that can actually be paid for? {not that I’d steal it or anything}.
To be fair, I’ve not been dress shopping, as such, or tried any on {apart from yon beautiful Rowanjoy number} but there haven’t been many I’ve WANTED to try.. I’m a bit of a fussy beggar.  Because I have too many ideas in my own noggin.  And I feel they are better than others {yup, I’ll admit it.  I’m horrible, I know}.
I like fabric like so, with sleeves like so and buttons like so, with a neckline like so that hangs like so…. This is what I like.  But what do I SUIT??
I’m just going on what I LOVE by style, not what actually looks good on my scrawny wee body.  And I’ve heard the rumours… brides going for dresses they NEVER would have picked after trying the “one” on and realising it’s just not for them.  Oh.God.  Knowing my luck, I’d best suit a bloomin’ frou frou meringue made out of swarovski crystals and thick white satin.  I just fainted. {not swooned}.

With no idea of whether I could pull them off… Here are a few of my favourites…

The first choice.. BHLDN… {not showing my REAL favourite here.. just in case}..

oh my oh my oh my.
The swooniest of swoony favourites from back when we got engaged {before I realised just how much one would have to spend for one}.. Jenny Packham

And a gorgeous new collection from my favourite online shop.. Ruche

{I won’t let on which individual ones from these designers…because, well, that would be telling}

Could it be that I find a dress {maybe cheap, maybe 2nd hand, MAYBE a charity shop bargain?} and chop it and change it and cut it and sew it.  I could add bits here and take bits away.  I could be really me and make it my own.  Completely and fully mine mine mine.  Another w-day project to get started on?
Be can do anything when the noggins are put to it, I’m sure….

Happy Sunday-ing,
Love Claire x

P.S on writing this post, I started looking at my favourites even newer collections… I hadn’t seen yet.  And I shouldn’t have. There are even more favourites in there now. Eh, Bugger.


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