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{Real wedding} Bianca & Gonzalo’s Spanish garden wedding.

It’s been a long, rainy {or is it sunny? it doesn’t know}, busy, hectic day.. Here’s some sunshiny love.  It makes it all better, so it does.

I thought I was dreaming a bit… Surely this wedding came straight from my wildest, prettiest wedding imagination???

Did this beautiful couple have the wedding I’ve been conjuring up in my head for the past 17 months?
They did.
But even prettier.

Nikki, the wedding wondermind, went rooting about the net, with a noggin foo of all my favourite things and all our ideas for me and Mr D’s day … and there did she find, this most lovely couple and their own w-day, over in Spain…

Styled by the wonderful Marlett, who think a wedding should NEVER just be a formality, {HURRAHS!}, and Gonzalo Manera, a Spanish picture-taking genius, who’s images, well they just say everything.

Could it be this wedding is made all the lovelier because of the beautiful bride & groom??
Their names are Bianca & Gonzalo.
And they had the most perfect wedding I ever did see…

I just swooned ALL over my sofa. AGAIN.
I have ogled this wedding over and over. I can’t stop it.
It’s JUST like the wedding in my noggin,
{but in mine, it rains sometimes and I’m not as pretty..or Spanish}.

From the flowers to the bunting & the bicycle to the cushions & the furniture outside to the tree hanging pictures & the vintage tins to the rug on the ground & the festoon lights to the DRESS (saaaaaawoooooon)..
I fell over. From all the swooning.
These are all of my favourite things {not a few of them Mary Poppins.. ALL}.

Have you ever seen the likes?

Here’s to Nikki, and her pretty-finding ways.
Here’s to Marlett, and their prettiFYing ways.
Here’s to Gonzalo Manera, and his picture-taking ways.

Here’s to Bianca and Gonzalo, and all their love.

Much wedding-love, Claire x

Find more images and details of Be’s favourite w-day, over on Marletts blog. Be sure to watch the video.. it’s a beaut.


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