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The most important of things..

Sundays, my favourites, always get me thinking.  Mostly about our wedding these days {and dinner always}.
It takes over, this wedding caper.  I never thought it would.  I love a wedding! And I love making ideas, ogling other peoples, and being a wedding-helper, by trade.  And us? We were so laid back about it all when we {say, he} started it.. and now, it’s the stressiest ruddy thing around.  But, like I said, I know why.
Its not because we’re planning the grandest of fancy days, its not because we disagree on what we want, it’s not because of money even {and it kinda is a wee bit}.. it’s all because of a venue.  And the fact I want the favourites with us the night before to get stuck in and be merry and make things and hang things and cook things.  I want a wedding weekend.  Not just a day.  {Greedy?}

Its my biggest want {after the actual marrying of Mr D}.

But finding this venue, a place with rooms, and a kitchen, and a barn {or grounds for a marquee}, where we can have the run of the place, hanging things and cooking things and making things, whilst merry a bit.. is much too hard on our budget and our time {the one we had? It fell through, and now we don’t mention it..for fear of tears, ’nuff said}.
So, 18 months later and no place to wed.  It’s silly really.

I’ve come to realise that searching for the perfect {and trying to keep everyone happy along the way..} is a big ask.  Too big.
And what really matters????
Me and Mr D.
And us getting married.  That is all that matters.
Our nearest & most dearest will be there, regardless, and happy, it will be prettyfied, there will be food, dancing, music, merry-drinking and funs.  For all.
So we have to compromise on a few things.  We don’t have the night before, or all the home-baking, or the decorating perty {shame, would’ve been some perty}.  But we’ll have some of our wants.. maybe more than some.  And we’ll be getting married.  That’s what matters.

Things are as perfect as you make them.
And our w-day will be that.  Perfect.  Any which way.

Love Claire x

{I’ll throw that weekend party one day.. you’ll see. One year later maybes?  The perfect excuse for a gathering of dearest ones, for another time.  It’ll be the weekend we couldn’t have. Without the pressure.  And it will be perfect also. Here’s to making plans.. and getting somewhere. Hurrah!}

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