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For the love of a collar.

It’s been a while since we bloggered on about anything wedding or rambly.  And we’ve got a few rather lovely real-life w-days to post {as well as a few wee Be outings and such like..}.  Its time to get this blog back on.
First, to get us going.. Here’s a bit about a favourite thing…

I’m not the gurliest of gurls.  I’m certainly no fashion-expert-ista or anything.  People have actually described my sense of dress as “funny” {those actual words were said. You know who you are}.

I’m not fancy or glamorous,  I wear many an old thing, I properly shop about once a year {same goes for haircuts}, my feet are in converse or tackety boots daily and I’m pretty sure I often wear things that don’t go… {I sound like quite a horror really}.
Don’t get me wrong.. I love love to shop {really},
I just only ever buy something if I LOVE love it.  And when I feel like that about something.. I’ll keep it for much of forever.  Sincerely.
I have things with holes, that I’ll quite happily disguise with a sneaky wee cardi or conveniently down-hair.  I can’t help it.  Its my flaw. I’m a scruffy person hiding behind a cleverly placed scarf.
{Sometimes I don’t even hide it.}

But.. there are certain fashion-y looks that I can’t get enough of.. the nearest of the dearest say fairly often.. “you’ve got that already”.  And I’m going to tell you all now.. I DON’T. I DON’T ALREADY HAVE IT. ITS JUST A BIT SIMILAR!!  Like us, the Be sisters.. the same but different.  It may be the same.. but its different.
My favourite?

The collar.

{image one: my own board : pictures from here, here & here. two. three. four. five&six. seven}
Those are the best of the collars.  It makes me sad I don’t own them…
Or that one.  Oh dear.
I might even have one on my wedding dress… sa-woon!!
{and for the little people…

… they’ll be wearing pretty little vintage numbers too…}

I have a few favourite things I’ll tell you about on here.. what are yours???
Here’s to collars {and Peter Pan}.

Claire x


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