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{Real wedding} Kasey & Blake. A pretty, vintage-inspired, homemade W-day.

It’s been oh so quiet in blog-land the past fortnight.  And after an emotional and busy time of it.. we are ready {and excited} to do some rambling, blog our favourite things, show off some amazing supplier-y folk, talk shop and share pictures of real-wedding loveliness.
And this one… I can’t keep to myself ANY LONGER!!!

I just can’t contain my wee self.

This is Kasey & Blake, and their most lovely wedding day…

These pictures, I tell you, are almost too pretty.  And the person behind the camera??
My American buddy.. Tahni.  The noggin behind Joyeuse Photography.
You must go to her site.  Go, and be a-swooning.  This lady can picture-take, for sure.
Have a look-see..

Kasey and Blake, got married on January 28th this year, in Bryan, Texas..

They held their ceremony at the house of a friend {ain’t it beautiful}, in their front yard…. {oh my!}

{That dress!! Tahni has been asked over and over where the gorgeous Kasey got her dress.. and I was desperate to know also!! Answer? A pretty inexpensive store {woop!} in the States.  Kasey bought some lace and had a seamstress add long sleeves, found a belt from Etsy to pull it all together.. and voila!  Oh how we love a clever customising cookie!}

Does an outdoor ceremony not just look the prettiest?  Its most definitely my favourite kind.

And don’t those bridesmaids look just braw in their Fossil dresses? {from the sale..hurrah!}

The reception was held not far from the house, in a beautiful building.. The old cotton exchange..

Oh.  What a beautiful w-day.
What a beautiful couple!!
And OH what beautiful photography!

When Tahni {Joyeuse Photography} sent us this wedding, we were pretty silly with excitement.  She’s a real talent, just look on her site {here}.  It more than proves it.
And guess what????

Tahni loves Scotland! {And loves Be!! yay!}
So much so, she wants to come over and photograph YOUR wedding!! Oh my Hurrah!!

Exclusively to Be.. Tahni is offering a somewhat AMAZING deal…
Whaaaaaaat!  Yup, this talented picture-taking lady is offering to fly over here, from all the way across the pond, to YOUR wedding.. for £1600!!
Its too good to be true but it is!
Already discounting her wedding package, Tahni is also happy {very happy!} to fly over, on her own pennies.. giving a very lucky bride-y lady and her groom the chance to have wedding pictures like no other… pretty exclusive {and just a bit cool, no?}..
How could we resist!

Contact us at Be for more details, or go ahead and chat with Tahni herself {email found on her website here}.. she’s lovely for a blether!!
Tell all your friends!! Its a deal.  And its very exciting.

Here’s to Kasey & Blake!!

Congratulations lovely ones!

{and here’s to Joyeuse photography being at your wedding….!!}

Be.. in touch!!!

Love xxxx


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