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Busy Be…

So yup we’ve been busy.  And the blog has been neglected.
It’s been a long {much fun} month…. Be’s very first christening, a corporate soiree, a fundraising concert, 3 weddings and a music festival. OOFT.
{Not to mention booking me and Mr Ds own w-day date..hurrahs!}
It’s been a wee bit mental and a big bit fun.  And we have a whole load of bloggering on to do about all that’s been going on..
Sneaky wee peaks coming soon.

Right now though, the sister has buggered off to Spain with Mr M and the kids, for a well {very well} deserved holiday.. and I, have been left in charge… eesh.
Today’s been about sleeping and unpacking and dozing and cleaning my hoose {It’s been neglected also, and rebelling by being at it untidiest}, whilst drinking far too much tea and taking more naps. Loves a day off I do.

So to get the blog rolling again {I’ve got so many posts lined up, it feels rather lovely}.. I’d just like to say.. I hope you all had a Happy Fathers Day yesterday.

It’s a day for celebrating your Paw, and being thankful for everything they do and have done… And it’s a day to actually say it.  Our old yin answered all of my questions {even when he didn’t know the answer} and I ask ALOT of questions I tell you.   My own life-encyclopedia and manual and dictionary, he was.  And I’m VERY grateful.

Our Dad was in our thoughts all day while we were hosting our Acoustic Tea Party yesterday.. and we partook in a wee whisky {of course} at the end of our day to say Here’s to Dad day.. We have nothing but love for the man.

Nikki’s favourite… and then mine…

Legend that he is.
{Even more so because of this……}

Would ye check out that bow tie!!  Ooft. We love an old picture we do.

So to all the other lovely fathers/ones to-be/in-laws/grand and great… Hope you all had a swell weekend!!

Come back soon for some blogtales and a lot of pretty!!

Love Be x


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