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Be all floral all over.

I’m feeling all floral. Even today, in the rain.

Floral all over.  All over the walls.  All over the wedding.  All over the noggin.  All over the clothes.  All over the place.
What’s prettier than a flower? Lots of wee flower-y things…

Are those not the prettiest floral-y maids? I have nothing but love for those dresses.
And that wee floral box is too lovely. AND French! I LOVE. {Ah ouvre la croissant, oui oui.}
The dainty little floral collar, I’m thinking, could be added to my wedding dress.. la swoon!
And have a place to put your bum.. why not a floral chair?? {I feel a wee happy colour rant coming on soon… l’orange!}
A dress of the prettiest kind I ever could find.
And invitations so pretty your guests would go Ooooh. {la la}.
These are, for sure, a must for the ‘Be wedding’… pretty little hankies for the greeters {not me, at all, no no}
And I just have to say, I can’t decide whether to wear this skirt or hang it on my wall.
But the boys on a w-day should most definitely be wearing one of these bow tie numbers.
And after all that, a swoon into the sleep on this pretty floral bed would be much niceness indeed.

Ah, flowers.  I may not be a gurly girl… but I do love a pretty wee flower or ten. Don’t you?!

Love Claire.


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