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{Real Wedding} Chris and Julies ‘Glass Jar’ of love. An elegant, vintage inspired w-day.

Oh my..

Hellos from our very first ‘Glass Jar’ of.. posts.

Featuring work by our picture-taking pals across the sea-pond, all the way over in Alabama…
Whitney and Bethany of Glass Jar Photography.  Whoop for them, for they specialise in modern vintage wedding photography, and they are LOVELY.

Over the next few weeks we are going to be sharing some of Glass Jars most lovely w-days and love shoots… and ,MAN, we are excited.  These guys are so so talented, and oh so lovely too {they are married to each other also.. how lovely!! I swoon}.

Go make a cup of tea then sit and ogle this wedding… {It’s most definitely worth one.}

This is Julie and Chris… and their ‘Glass Jar’ of love day…

Held in Santa Barbara, California, at the SB Women’s Club {the pictures show it pretty pretty do they not??}, on a sunny spring day, Chris and Julies wedding was one of those beautiful, vintage-inspired days, that I completely swoon over, even whilst also knowing that my own wedding will be entirely different, without a dink of the gorgeous elegance and class that shows in these pictures… {sigh}

{and the bride wore Toms… We LOVE her!!} And a most beautiful bride she was too…

The pretty light in these photographs makes me feel all swoony.. is it just me?
And just wait until you see the evening reception… stage curtain and fun dancing and prettiness all at once? Yes. Please.

{I heart it.}

Oh that last photo…  I actually Aw’d right out.  Loud.

These guys are just LOVELY.  And wedding hats off to Glass Jar Photography for being picture-taking wizards and capturing the pretty, just so.
We can’t wait to show you more of their work and tell you more about this perfect photo-catching husband and wife team..
We’ll call it a series of posts..
The ‘Glass Jar’ of… Series..
{keep your peepers peeled.. for there may just be an offer coming your way at the end…. yikes!!}

For now, here’s to Julie and Chris…

May your life together be as pretty and fun as your wedding day was!!!!

Love Be x


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