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Succulents.. {The loveliest fattest plants}

Merry Sunday. {Sundays are for sharing favourites, eating and sofa-ing, no?}

Last week sometime, I showed you my love for all things floral

Now I must must show you my new favourite not really floral, plant-y things… They are called succulents or fat plants…

Oh how I LOVE them!!

For the past few months I’ve been searching for our-kind-of pictures of these wee plant-y numbers, and looking at ways to have them at our wedding.. Β Seek and I did find.
The noggin is foo of ideas now…
Not that into big flowers or bouquets or pretty little floral displays?
Go Fat Plant.

Now I happen to rather like a pretty little floral display {or 11} as you know.. But…
I love the shapes of these lovelies.. the colours.. their name {!}
Look see..

Ah le plant-y swoon. Β And this is my next home project…

Plant some in pots for your house.
Go shopping for all the different colours.
Have a fat plant bouquet!
Put in pretty gold things for your tables.
Fill your lovely old tins with them.
And wear them in your hair on your w-day..
Give them away as favours for your guests.
And mix them with pretty flowers for a pretty pretty bunch.
Put big and small together for your house…

And do like I’m going to and use an old kitchen strainer for display… perfectly lovely.

Fat-plant love,
Claire x


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