be inspired

Dress your head.

How do you like to dress your head?

Hats. I heart hats. Heartily.
For a few years there.. my head was forever in a hat. Bunnets. Floppy things.  Berets.  Oofty, I really loved a hat.
Then I lost my favourite.. and I never really got over it.  I never found one I would again so often wear, and so I began dressing my head in different ways..  Bows.  Scarves.  Flowers.  Even had a wee episode with some forehead beads {it was brief, but intense}.  Glasses.  Oh how I love a lovely pair of glasses… {I know I don’t NEED them.. but I like them.. wrong?}

A head is a wonderful thing to decorate.

Like pretty Francoise Hardy in a hat {me favourite}..
Or wearing the prettiest glasses I ever did see..
Tie a big blue bow on your noggin..
Or wear a big big floppily lovely hat..
And wear pretty flowers in your hair {and go out in the wind}..
Then wear a hat with your wedding dress.. sa-woon..
Feel all Russian in a big fluffy number..
Or scarf your head up all vintage-y…
And be a beautiful geek in big thick glasses…
With a big minty bow in your hair..
Wear a boater like pretty Anna Karina… {and hope to look as pretty… ehhh..}

Do it.  Festoon your noggin.

Any which way.

Love Claire x


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