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{Plan Be} The wedding venue (the place on the hill).

Merry Sunday.  The favourite day.

We having our Sunday, doing what we do best.  Sleeping and cooking and film-watching and baking and sleeping {that’s a favourite} and cider-tasting and talking wedding {we’re not the best at that, but we do it for funs}.  Basically being a bit scruffy and lazy and not-fancy, at all.
We are not fancy people.  Not a bit.
Fancy for us is me blow-drying my hair and him ironing a shirt before we go out. THAT’S fancy.  Let’s get fancy tonight, we say. {not really, but that’s what we’re thinking}.

So when it came to finding a wedding venue.  That’s where the trouble was.  All the FANCINESS.
Don’t get me wrong, there are lots {LOTS} of wedding venues just in and around Stirling, never mind further afield.  Sought after ones too.  Really great places with great reputations and 2 year waiting lists, etc.
But they just don’t suit.  Not us.
Finding somewhere that did suit… trouble.  Even the sister, Nikki, the wedding-wizard, struggled finding this non-wedding-y place where we could have our w-day.  A place we could have to ourselves and stay over and cook and decorate and DIY it right up.
But there were a few… {she found them.. the wedding wizard}.. and those few we really liked.  Ones that were just JUST too expensive, ones that caused troubles {don’t ask} and ones that were just JUST too far away for wedding-havers that don’t even drive.  And I’ll share these lovely places soon,  because they are very lovely.  And someone should definitely get married there.. if not us.

But, there was this one place we loved that we found over a year ago…
That we chatted about, and enquired about, and then forgot about, in all the w-day searchy stress…
And we’ve forgotten why we so forgot about it. {??}
This.. is the place.

The Bunkhouse.

Hurrah!!  THIS is where we are having our wedding.  This is the place we love.  On the 5th of May 2013, this is where we will stay and cook and decorate and get merry and put a marquee and, no doubt, dance in the rain {I still assume rain. And I don’t mind}.
We are happy with it, indeed.

Located in Aberfeldy, on a farm on top of a hill, up a two mile forestry road, over looking the whole of the village, with bunks for 39 of our guests and favourite people, and a landlord who doesn’t mind us taking over and maybe {just maybe} being a bit merry and loud until the littlest hours, for a whole weekend.  This is The Bunkhouse.

Our wedding place.  It’s going to be fun.

Happy Sundays all round..
Love Claire x


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